Eating at: Bread & Bones

I spend so much time flitting from place to place as I explore my way around Dublin, so it is very rare that I find a place that genuinely has that Nozzle & Spray attitude that makes me keep coming back!

Bread & Bones in Millenium walkway is just that. It’s one of the few places I call home in Dublin. Pop in and you will probably find me in ‘my corner’ in the back working on my laptop, iPad or phone; sometimes for hours on end! Can you blame me? The food is fantastic, the staff are great fun and the wifi is both strong and flip me it’s free to boot!

Β What actually endeared me to Bread & Bones is their grounding in the creative field. Owner manager, Jack is actually obsessed with street artists… As am I (cough cough) and all around the bar/cafe/restaurant is pieces of art from some of my favorite artists! There’s a wall highlighting artist of the week which is a great touch if you ask me (and if you’re not, I’m telling you 😘)

Β Β 
The menus are on old vinyl record covers, the cutlery is in old red building bricks, the furniture is all old pallets up cycled into slick benches (are you getting the theme?). This is all in contrast to the new house smell that still lingers around the place, mixed in with the smell of food in the open kitchen. Actually, the kitchen is so open you can hear the chef attempting to sing along to what is frankly one of the best music mixes in the city.

Β Β 
Onto the food I guess and I’ll keep it simple. Very, very simple.





Authentic Asian street food prepared to perfection in the traditional way. I almost always go for the pork soup because my goodness it is amazing. The broth is cooked with the bone and is so damn tasty! The chicken soup is just as good; almost as if the animals sacrificed themselves willingly to please the tastebuds and nourish the bellies. The steamed buns are to die for, try them with the pulled pork.

Thank me later.

There’s much to love about Bread & Bones, the food, the music, the team, the aesthetics, the large windows for people watching and all the little hidden gems dotted all over the premises.

As always, shanks that can, point that nozzle, let it spray!

Nozzle & Spray


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